How Flexible Childcare Works

How It Works and more information

Every child who comes to Little Vikings must be registered. You will only need to register your child once, however you are asked to keep the form updated with the most current contact and medical information. Once your child is registered, you will be able to reserve care and you can reserve care for the entire term if you are a student or staff member. Community members may reserved up to one week in advance.

Little Vikings has a limit on care. The limit is 5 hours per child per day, and 20 hours per child, per week. If you have an emergency or special circumstance and need extended care, please email our Director, Marisol Barce at or call 503-725-8800.

The care at Little Vikings is charged on an hourly basis. You will be charged for the care you reserve, whether you use it or not. If you reserve care far in advance and cancel it at least 2 business days in advance, you will not be charged for the care. The minimum amount of reserved care is one hour. Check out our Rates page for more information..

Little Vikings also has special “Day Camp” days when Portland Public Schools has in-service or non-school days that coincide with days where class is in session at PSU. On these days, we will have Day Camp available for school-age children, and a special all-day rate for care. Check out our Day Camp section for more information on upcoming camps. Although children under three can reserve care on camp days, their is not a special rate for Infants and Toddlers and parents will be charged by the hour.

Little Vikings is a nut-free facility.

What to Bring

Infants and toddlers

  • If your infant/child typically has a bottle during the day, you are required to send at least one bottle.
  • For children who are in diapers/pull ups, an extra set of clothes and additional diapers/pull-ups and wipes are required.
  • If a child is potty training and wearing underwear, an extra set of underwear and change of clothes is required.
  • All diaper bags, bottles, strollers, etc. will be tagged with the child’s name at drop-off.
  • If your child is going to be at Little Vikings during a time when they would normally have a meal, you must send a meal with them.
  • Socks and/or shoes are required to be worn at all times.
  • One special blanket or stuffed animals is welcome to help make your child feel more comfortable at Little Vikings
  • Please mark your child’s belongings clearly and remember Little Vikings is not responsible for lost or broken personal items.

Preschool/School Age

  • You are required to send a meal or snack if your child will be attending during our posted meal or snack times. Please see our Nutrition Policy for meal times and what the State of Oregon requires for meal times.
  • School Age children are welcome to bring a chapter book they are reading, or homework to work on.
  • Please DO NOT bring toys from home. LITTLE VIKINGS has a variety of fun, engaging, games and activities to keep children busy.
  • Please DO NOT bring electronics. LITTLE VIKINGS has a variety of fun, engaging, games and activities to keep children busy.