Baby Vikings

Coming Soon! Baby Vikings!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of BABY VIKINGS.  This flexible childcare center will cater to infants and babies. Look for more info on the grand opening in late spring.  This center will be located on the first floor of the Smith Student Union near the market.

FAQ for Baby Vikings

When will Baby Vikings be open? Mid to Late May

When can we make reservations at Baby Vikings? When Baby Vikings has an opening date, this process will begin.

Will Baby Vikings have full time childcare? Yes, Baby Vikings will have four full time childcare spaces available.

How can I sign up for full time space? Baby Vikings will have a lottery for the full time spaces after we are sure of the date that we are opening.

Will you have short-term or drop in care available? Yes, Baby Vikings will have four spaces reserved for short-term or drop in care.

What hours will Baby Vikings be open? From 745 am – 530 pm Monday through Friday

Will Baby Vikings provide food? Baby Vikings will not provide formula, baby food, or lunches. Baby Vikings will have applesauce, milk, crackers and cheese available for snacks if parents do not provide them or forget to bring snacks.

What should I bring for my child when they visit Baby Vikings? Diapers, wipes, extra clothing and food. Please also bring anything that you think will make your child’s day easier (i.e., a pacifier, favorite blanket or stuffed toy)

How much will Baby Vikings cost? We will charge the same hourly rates as Little Vikings for short term and drop in care. (Student-$9 for children up to 3 and $8 for children over 3) For full time care, Students will be charged $1000 a month and Staff/Faculty will be charged $1450 a month.

Who can reserve care at Baby Vikings? Baby Vikings will be for students, staff and faculty. We will offer spaces to community members as well, but only on a last minute drop in basis.

What are the ratios for Baby Vikings?  The ratio for Baby Vikings will be 1:4.

Will Baby Vikings go outside? Yes, weather permitting Baby Vikings will go outside.

Will Baby Vikings welcome sick children? No, Baby Vikings will be a state licensed childcare facility that follows the guidelines set forth by the State of Oregon and sick children will not be allowed to attend Baby Vikings.

Should I bring my child’s Immunization records? Yes, this will be required after your child’s fifth visit.

What age children can attend Baby Vikings? 6 weeks to 2 and one half years old.

How do we find out when the lottery opens? We will post this on the front of the facility, post it on Facebook and email it to our group email. Please email Amy Bouie @  to get on the group email.

Whom do we contact for more information? Call Amy Bouie @ 503-725-8800 or email her @

How do we register? Please go to the Registration page on to register your child with Little Vikings/ Baby Vikings.